KAREN DAVIS presents in the morning:

Upsetting the Underworld of Biofilms with Subgingival Air Polishing & Salivary Diagnostics

What if you could gain 10 extra minutes during each appointment? Learn how incorporating biofilm management with subgingival air polishing devices and low-abrasive powders provides more efficient, more comfortable biofilm removal.

What if you could individualize treatments for your patients based upon information you learn from their saliva? Integrate salivary diagnostics to manage periodontal disease and reduce risks for your patients. We now know that certain pathogens wreak more havoc periodontally and systemically.

• Appreciate biofilm for the enemy it is
• Understand how DNA can alter care
• Discover the science, safety & benefits of subgingival air polishing Shift paradigms & protocols to manage biofilm  

DEBRA GRANT presents in the afternoon:

Tongue Shui: The Original Oral-Systemic Link

What if you could look at the tongue in another dimension to observe oral pathology? Tongue diagnosis and the oral systemic connection was recognized 5000 years ago. It is one of the most precious diagnostic methods in Chinese medicine. This course is designed to expand your knowledge on the mindbody connection. We will explore the various deficiencies associated with adults and children to detect oral signs of systemic diseases. Beginning with the anatomy of the tongue to diagnosis the various shapes, spots, color, textures and lesions of this unique muscle to exploring alternatives to relax the patient and allow the gagging reflex to be reduced. Integrative dentistry expands how we care.

• The Tongue Prophy™
• Perfect your oral cancer screening
• Effects of medicines on the tongue
• Natural conscious sedation
• How to reduce the gagging reflex

Registrations Available

Periodontal Game Changers
LECTURE & LUNCH 8:30 am - 4:00 pm  
7 CEU Category I 

SAVE! RDH & RDA $189 per person if registering at least 1 week prior to event
$214 per person if less than 1 week prior

SAVE! DDS $289 per person if registering at least 1 week prior to event  
$314 per person if less than 1 week prior
*Refunds will only be given if cancellation occurs one week before date.

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