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Achieve Health in 5mm Pockets that Bleed 

“Beyond wonderful… One of my hygienists could not make it the day of the seminar so I decided to go with my staff. It was truly one of the best seminar s I’ve been to in years . Trisha motivated us to implement new procedures and a month later we are still excited about what we learned. I am so glad that I went and can share in the enthusiasm of my hygienists . If you have a chance, as a dentist, take this course , I highly recommend it!” 

Richard Stauber, DDS

Can scaling and root planing do more harm than good? YES! It’s true and shocking, scaling and root planing without daily interproximal oral hygiene and professional maintenance will do more harm than good. Little do we realize how our focused care could actually lead to greater attachment loss.

Localized 5mm pockets that don’t heal after scaling and root planing pose a significant challenge to the dental hygienist. These interproximal bleeding sites provide the basis for very stressful clinical days.

Join us for a day of science based periodontology to learn the three essential steps for achieving health in 5mm pockets that bleed.

“Touch &Test”
Gain Hands-on experience trying new instruments, interdental cleaners and products.

Understand changes guaranteed to improve your day:
  • How insurance is to blame for 5mm pockets that bleed
  • OHI lectures vs. conversations
  • Why “Toss the Floss”
  • Instruments designed to reach interproximal areas
  • Sugar’s systemic role
  • Risk factors beyond biofilm and tobacco
  • Diet high in carbohydrates
  • Bias of RDHs
  • Harmful chemicals in dental products
  • The impact of mouth breathing on health
  • Why you want subgingival air polishing…NOW
  • Sleep apnea risk factors


Registrations Available

Achieve Health in 5mm Pockets that Bleed
LECTURE & LUNCH 8:30 am - 4:00 pm  
7 CEU Category I 


DOCTOR - $289 per person 

RDH/RDA - $189 per person 

*Registration less than 7 days prior to course, additional 10%. Refunds only if cancellation occurs more than one week before seminar. 

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Seminar Dates

Friday May 4, Ann Arbor, MI
Saturday May 5, Frankenmuth, MI
Friday September 14, St Louis, MS
Saturday September 15, Kansas City, MS
Friday October 19, King of Prussia, PA
Saturday October 20, Hershey, PA
Friday October 26, Fairbanks, AK
Saturday October 27, Anchorage, AK
Friday November 2, Portland, ME
Saturday November 3, Newton, MA
Friday November 30, Charlotte, NC
Saturday December 1, Columbia, SC

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